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Pete Frame Rock Family Tree Yardbirds Original Art
Original 31&5/8 x 35" pen and ink artwork on paper by noted British rock historian Pete Frame; this one comes from his mid-late 1970's "Rock Family Tree" series for Zig Zag magazine, this piece details the geneology of the Yardbirds and all assorted offshoots (including Cream, Led Zeppelin, John Mayall, etc...) from 1958-80
Artwork is in very good (B/B+ to B+) condition; assorted little handling marks (very slight/subtle) and the hand-torn bottom edge exhibits some toning, but otherwise it's very clean. This piece (and another one being sold seperately) was production material originally used for John Platt's Yardbirds book. A very cool/unique item, I haven't seen any of these turn up for sale before.
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